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Master Watchmakers

Master watchmakers are the only ones capable of building a tourbillon.

It takes years and years of training and practice before they can tackle complications such as minute repeaters, grand sonnier, and the tourbillon.


Because for these elite artisans, it isn’t just watchmaking.

They approach their craft like its heart surgery.


And this tourbillon assembly?

That’s a heart transplant.


If all this seems excessive, remember - NOTHING about a tourbillon watch is supposed to be “affordable” or “normal” or “accessible.”


From the million dollar equipment, to the surgically precise watch parts

From 100s of artisanal labor hours, to the world-class fingers of the horologists:


A Tourbillon IS the Supercar of Watches, A Marvel of Engineering, and... Expensive

But...does it really have to be THAT expensive?

Does it really have to be THAT ridiculously priced?

Here at ERA, we dug deeper and found that there's a way

To make a 6-figure watch for only 3-figures



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